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Navigating The Skies: Pursuing Aviation Studies After 12th In India

Are you someone with a passion for the boundless skies and the dream of a career in aviation? If you’ve just completed your 12th grade and are eager to take flight into the world of aviation studies, you’re on the right track to turning your dreams into reality

The Sky’s the Limit

Exploring Aviation Courses After 12th Embarking on a career in aviation begins with a thoughtful exploration of the available courses that align with your interests and aspirations. Global School of Aviation, with its commitment to excellence and industry-leading expertise, offers a range of courses that cater to aspiring aviators like you

Diverse Aviation Courses at Global School of Aviation Diploma in Airport Operations (1 Year)

Dive into the world of airport management and operations with a comprehensive 1-year diploma course, preparing you for a versatile role in the bustling aviation environment

Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew & Hospitality Management (1 Year)

Enroll in a dynamic 1-year program that equips you with the skills and knowledge required for a glamorous career as a member of an airline cabin crew.

Certification in Airport Ground Staff (6 Months)

Gain specialized knowledge in airport ground operations with a focused 6-month certification program, setting the foundation for a career in ground staff roles.

Certification in Air Cabin Crew (3 Months)

Fast-track your journey to becoming a part of an airline cabin crew with a specialized 3-month certification program that covers essential skills and protocols

Certification in Hospitality Management (3 Months)

Combine hospitality expertise with aviation nuances in a 3-month certification course, preparing you for roles in aviation hospitality services.

Certification in Cargo Management (3 Months)

Explore the logistics side of aviation with a 3-month certification program in cargo management, setting the stage for a career in aviation cargo operations

Certification in Air Fare & Ticketing (3 Months)

Delve into the world of airfare management and ticketing with a focused 3-month certification, gaining essential skills for aviation sales.

Crash Course in Grooming & Personality Development (1 Month)

Enhance your personal and professional presence in the aviation industry with a crash course in grooming and personality development.

Certification in DGR Training (1 Month)

Prioritize safety with a 1-month certification in Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) training, ensuring you’re equipped to handle and transport dangerous goods safely

Certification Program in AVSEC Security Training (1 Month)

Contribute to the security of aviation operations with a comprehensive 1-month certification program in Aviation Security (AVSEC) training.

Why Choose Global School of Aviation?
Real-Time Training and Skill Development

Benefit from hands-on, practical training that mirrors real-world aviation scenarios, ensuring you’re ready for the challenges of the industry

Global Presence

Join an institution with a global network, providing you with international exposure and opportunities for growth in the aviation sector.

Specialized Training Programs

Tailored courses designed to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry, ensuring you’re equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.

In-House Placement in 21 Airports

Your journey doesn’t end with education; it begins with a promising career. Global School of Aviation offers exclusive in-house placement opportunities in 21 airports globally

Dedicated Placement Cell

Receive personalized career guidance and support from a dedicated placement cell, helping you transition seamlessly from education to employment

Highly Experienced Industry Expert Faculty

Learn from the best in the industry, with faculty comprising seasoned professionals and experts in aviation.

Joint Programs with Global Aviation Academy (Bahrain)

Explore global opportunities through joint programs offered in collaboration with Global Aviation Academy (Bahrain), broadening your skill set and career prospects.

On-the-Job Training

Elevate your learning experience with on-the-job training in various airports, gaining practical insights into aircraft equipment and operations.

Enroll Today, Soar Tomorrow

Global School of Aviation isn’t just a school; it’s your gateway to a rewarding career in the dynamic world of aviation. Take the first step toward your dream career by enrolling in a course that aligns with your passion and ambitions. Your journey into the captivating skies awaits – enroll at Global School of Aviation today!

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